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Braddock Farms Composting Facility

Braddock Farms Composting Facilities

Ethos was retained by Compostable Soil Company in the fall of 2013 to complete site planning, permitting, and sustainable stormwater management design for their new commercial composting facility. The facility is built around an advanced forced aerated composting process which facilitates a small site footprint, rapid composting, and reduced emissions. The project also aims to demonstrate true industrial ecological synergy by cycling nutrients, energy, and water onsite through multiple revenue generating processes. The commercial composting and rainwater catchment will provide feed stocks for high value compost tea and soil amendments while heat from the composting process will be recovered for a separate food production greenhouse also onsite.  Ethos is currently preparing DEP and county composting operation permits including site plan, operation plan, stormwater management plan, and preparedness prevention and contingency plan for both site development and operation.

The proposed new facility is adjacent to Grow Pittsburgh’s Braddock Farms urban agriculture site and will be the first commercial urban composting facility in the region.

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